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Maneuvering Obstacles Through Menopause

Aug 31, 2021

2020 brought us all kinds of struggles, for Shelly it meant taking her CrossFit gym to online programming, not being able to compete like planned, and also the start of her perimenopause. Although she was staying active, Shelly’s weight went up suddenly. She was feeling very anxious,  struggling mentally, and was unaware that the issues stemmed from her hormones. 


It was when Shelly decided to go to a new doctor that everything was made clear to her. Her doctor explained that she was living in a state of stress, due to her having experienced an amygdala hijack. Read more about it in This Article

Thanks to this new diagnosis, her doctor recommended a low dose of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and within two weeks Shelly could tell the difference! 


After learning that she was entering perimenopause, she really started to think about her friends and colleagues at her gym, other women who may be struggling with the same menopause-related hormone issues and not even know it! Shelly put together a 12-week fitness program that included helpful tips, motivation, articles to read, and more, that all pertained to this specific period in a woman’s life of perimenopause and menopause. After about six weeks, The Fit menopause Blueprint was born! 

Listen in to learn more about Shelly’s journey and how The Fit Menopause Blueprint helped not only her but so many other women as well!