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Maneuvering Obstacles Through Menopause

Aug 18, 2021

What is it about those negative thoughts that we continue to let creep up in our minds? Limiting beliefs are a very real problem, but especially when dealing with the hormonal changes of menopause. It’s so difficult to look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and just be happy with what you see. 

Today, Shelly is discussing how she also has experienced this during her own journey and what steps she took to help maneuver those obstacles. Negative emotions, exhaustion, self-defeating attitudes, are not easy to deal with! 

There’s not enough time, what should I do, I’m too exhausted - Shelly has dealt with these limiting beliefs too! 

But, through some work, better nutrition, focus on fitness, and self-care - you too can squash those limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing your best life during perimenopause and menopause.