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Maneuvering Obstacles Through Menopause

Oct 26, 2021

Caroline Schaefer is the founder of Fit Frameworks. Caroline has spoken internationally as a summit speaker, has made regular guest appearances on podcasts globally, is a published author and EBook Creator. She is a podcast host of the Vitality Feed and is dedicated to the power of change. She is a native New Yorker and...

Oct 19, 2021

Maneuvering Menopause Summit October 25 - October 27


Our Summit kicks off next week! 


October 25-27, and it’s free!


30 Top Industry Speakers (10 per day) delivering high valued content to your device.


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Oct 12, 2021

Today we're going to be joined by Tim Polis. Tim is a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer. As a leadership and personal growth teacher and keynote speaker, Tim works with individuals and organizations that understand the value of personal growth, sharpen their current leadership skills, and develop a...

Oct 5, 2021

Alexia, Boyd is a collections manager at the Greenville County Museum of Art in Greenville, South Carolina, and has worked there for 25 years. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Clemson University in 1991. From 1992 to 2002, she taught both youth and adult level classes at Green Mills, museums Center for...